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What is the Yellow Bracelet?

The Yellow Bracelet Care service was developed by a team of clever folks from Sundown Solutions in conjunction with Health & Social Care professionals.

The team wanted to make sure that people who either have a Care Package provided by a local authority or private company, or those who have a pre-existing medical condition requiring medication, do not experience any unnecessary overnight stays in hospital when instead they should be looked after by their chosen care provider, at home, or in a less acute setting such as a nursing residence.

Yellow Bracelet Care is a service developed to empower health & personal well-being.

The service provides peace of mind, by ensuring that in the event of an emergency, any authorised Health and Social Care professional can view, and securely access information about the patient’s care package and other pertinent medical information. No apps, no usernames or password, just a standard Smartphone Camera is needed.

Yellow Bracelet enables health care staff to spend their time providing care to YOU the patient, rather than investigating Medication and Care currently in place can do so.

In the last 6 months, patients with the Yellow Bracelet Care Scheme and their relatives have been helped by:

  • Reducing avoidable admission to hospital after a fall when a patient could instead be cared for by their care provider or family member
  • Minimised the usual delays discharging patients from Hospital, as the current care package details and next of kin are accessed with ease.
  • Ensured the number of bed days spent in hospital was reduced.
  • Ensuring the family members of patients minds are at rest, knowing that In Case of Emergency (ICoE), health & social care professionals could access the individual's pertinent medical history in real-time, ensuring that any treatment is provided in a timely manner further reducing delays.

How it works

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The Yellow Bracelet, designed to transform lives.

"The Yellow Bracelets help to put our service users to ease, knowing there is something to help them either stay at home or come home quicker."

-Lavender Support Group

"Sundown Solutions is using encrypted algorithm technology to improve patient care and reduce bed blocking across the NHS, significantly increasing health and care outcomes for patients."

-Red Rose Awards Judges

"Without the Yellow Bracelet this patient would have spent anything up to 4 weeks waiting for a care package that was already in place... The simplicity and cost savings of this scheme are unmatched... It's almost like magic..."

-Head of Quality Improvement Northants CCG

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Let us break it down for you...

The Yellow Bracelet is a service aimed at 'empowering YOU, the patient' and giving control to those who need care as and when they need it.

  • The Yellow Bracelet has been developed to improve outcomes for people in receipt of domiciliary care packages
  • Its aimed at supporting better care for older vulnerable people who may not be able to articulate their circumstances at a time of crisis
  • Scanning the Yellow Bracelet allows instant (credential-less, highly secure) access to information about the patient's care package, by any approved/authorised medical or social care professional, using a standard smartphone camera.
  • Approved medical or social care professionals can view your domiciliary care package and other pertinent information relating to your medical history in real-time, regardless of care setting
  • By sharing integrated care information, the Yellow Bracelet enables professionals across both the Health and Social Care sectors to make informed risk assessments in real-time, whilst making service users feel safe.

Think of it as an additional Health-Information policy which you can store and enable sharing when you need it - you control your data, and if / when your current status changes, the details can be updated by you. It is a way of ensuring you protect your care package whilst in hospital.

Anybody can buy a bracelet, regardless of age or current health status, and next of kin or anyone you trust such as a family member can assist in updating your data, which is viewable by yourself and NHS Professionals (E.g. Doctors, nurses).

  • Once purchased, Sundown Solutions secure YellowBracelet system generates a unique ID for your package and a Yellow Bracelet Package is prepared and sent to your home address.
  • Any time you present yourself to a health care provider and have an active care package - such as a simple visit to your GP, ensure you take your Yellow Bracelet package in case you are transferred to a more acute hospital setting. This will ensure you are identifiable each step of the way with your most up to date information.
  • When you arrive at A&E (or at a ward) wearing the YellowBracelet, the hospital staff will be able to scan the unique QR code using their registered device camera and receive basic, non-PID information about your care package, including direct contact details for your care provider, GP and/or District Nurse, so they can communicate information in real-time 1-2-1, healthcare professional to a health care professional.

What are the aims of Yellow Bracelet?

The main aims of the service are to:

  • Reduce avoidable conveyance hospital
  • Reduce avoidable admission through the application of real-time communications between care professionals, resulting in significant cost avoidance for the NHS
  • Reduce delays in discharge for patients in hospital who have a current care package
  • Reduced bed days spent in hospital
  • Allow domiciliary care providers to maintain active control over their care packages
  • Help prevent the cancellation of domiciliary care packages
  • Improve patient safety and well-being, by reducing the service user impact associated with delayed transfers of care (DToC)
  • Provide better outcomes for all

Although most of the aims outlined above centre on the personal nature and benefits of Yellow Bracelet, it cannot be overlooked that there is a significant efficiency savings for the NHS & Social Care sector, which are truly staggering.

There are thousands of Care Packages cancelled every single year (costing millions to the NHS / Social Care sector), many of these cancellations could have been avoided, had the healthcare professionals involved been able to communicate more effectively and in real-time - that's the outcome which Yellow Bracelet delivers.

The system is simple to use, simple to set up, secure and highly cost-effective.

Interested? Then why not sign up and purchase here

Why Buy?

The Yellow Bracelet provides peace of mind for either yourself or loved ones. You have the assurance that should the worst happen, and you or your loved ones are hospitalised, any pertinent medical or social care package information is easily accessible to your medical professional to reduce the duration of any hospital stay.

Due to the current situation, we are striving to make the yellow bracelet available as widely as possible, and reduce administration for our NHS collegues. To support this aim we have reduced the price for the first year.

The service can be renewed or cancelled on an annual basis, with no tie in and no commitments for further purchases.

Please see our FAQ's for more important information.

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