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The Yellow Bracelet provides peace of mind for either yourself or loved ones. You have the assurance that should the worst happen, and you or your loved ones are hospitalised, any pertinent medical or social care package information is easily accessible to your medical professional to reduce the duration of any hospital stay.

Due to the current situation, we are striving to make the yellow bracelet available as widely as possible, and reduce administration for our NHS colleague. To support this aim we have reduced the price for the first year.

Pay monthly

£3.92 per month

Introductory offer for the first year

RRP: £8.25 per month

Pay yearly

£47 per year

Introductory offer for the first year

RRP: £99.99 per year

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Yellow Bracelet services costs £3.92 per month (£47 per year).

The normal price is £8.25 per month (£99 per year), but during the current COVID-19 crisis we have taken the steps to reduce cost and support wider adoption

The Yellow Bracelet service allows anyone with a care package (or a carer) to enter their care package information into the system. The care package information is directly linked to your unique QR code. ANY NHS health care professional can then scan the QR code and read the information from any device. If they are a registered healthcare professional, it will work!

This allows the NHS professional to view your care package information, contact your next of kin, GP, district nurse or care provider immediately. This is done without the need for "apps", "usernames" or "passwords" - if they are a registered health care worker and you allow them to scan the bracelet it will work.

It stores as much information as you wish to update, and this is what sets us apart from other similar services or devices. You can update in real-time, anytime and it will always show the correct information, as your code as it is unique to you and you alone (or the loved one you are buying it for!)

We generally recommend the basics at a bare minimum of:

  • Next of Kin information - contact numbers and their name
  • Care Package information - Any specific care package details and provider contact information
  • Medication details - Any specific information your NHS professional may need to know
  • GP Info - so they can contact your GP

We always recommend that you store as much information as you would deem helpful for an NHS professional to view in your time of need.

This is for anyone with an interest in their own, or a loved one's safety when entering the health care ecosystem. Primarily it is designed for people with an existing care package that may find themselves being conveyed to the hospital. It allows the healthcare professionals that are responding to their care, to view care package information and contact next of kin, GP, district nurse or care provider immediately.

Anyone who has been through the healthcare ecosystem (or knows someone that has), understands the importance of health care professionals being able to contact your caregivers swiftly and without interference.

The reason the Yellow Bracelet Scheme is so successful is because of our state of the art "Credential-less" technology. This allows us to ensure that the device being used to scan your bracelet is in the possession of a healthcare professional who has the correct credentials.

The healthcare professional can use ANY smartphone camera to scan your code and be securely logged in to the system to access your care package information. No need for APPs, Usernames or Passwords. This frees up valuable time so they can focus on the care you or your loved one requires.

The Yellow Bracelet is unique in the marketplace. Other electronic bracelets do exist that do different things, but the Yellow Bracelet is designed specifically to work before and during conveyance without ever needing to be charged up and without "tracking" human movements.

The Yellow Bracelet service enables Health Care Professional A to speak to Health Care Professional B swiftly, resulting in either you (or your loved one) obtaining the best possible care in the best possible time.

Yellow Bracelet also integrates very well with other current wearables. Please contact us for further details.

Its UK wide and works anywhere.

Yes - there is a version specific to the NHS that is used by CCGs and councils to provide the solution across domiciliary and residential care. If a CCG signs up to Yellow Bracelet, then they generally cover the whole area.

For instance, Northamptonshire CCG have signed up their entire elderly frail community as outlined in this recent editorial in the nursing times:


If you are from a CCG, Hospital, Trust, Local authority, GP or district nursing team and would like to know more just contact us at [email protected]

Yes - there is a version specifically for care home providers to ensure that you can provide the scheme for all your residents.

If you are from a care home provider, please contact us for further information at [email protected]

Yes - Absolutely!

We started the Yellow Bracelet by delivering it to the NHS specifically - but we have been inundated with requests from the general public if they could purchase one for themselves or their loved ones. It was this demand that led us to release it to the general public.

We originally aimed to release it for sale to the general public on the 27th March 2020. This was delayed following emergency orders from the NHS due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have now completed these orders and are very pleased to able to offer this to the general public

Absolutely! We use our state-of-the-art dual encryption to ensure everything is safe.

This is a UK patented product, designed, built and delivered in the UK for UK residents only.

At no time does any information leave UK shores and all personnel that work at YellowBracelet.co.uk have been fully vetted and many are ex NHS or Military personnel.

The product is also used by the NHS and has passed a full GDPR DPIA as well as being fully DSP tool kit complaint and Cyber Essentials PLUS certified.

ISO 27001:18 certification is currently in flight for our data centre staff and we are fully registered with the ICO.

Please see our GDPR policy statement for more information

Absolutely not! The opposite is true.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the sheer weight of demand for the product, we have reduced the first-year price by over half to get the product into the hands of those that need it most.

If anything, the release of the Yellow Bracelet scheme to the general public has been delayed due to COVID-19 whilst we have completed emergency orders for the NHS.